Department of County Treasury & Economic Planning


A leading sector in fiscal and economic policy formulation, coordination, supervision and prudent resource management.


Provide overall leadership and policy direction in fiscal discipline, resource mobilisation, management and accountability for quality public service delivery.


 Context and Strategy for Budget Intervention

Development spending in 2014/15 which represents about 30 percent of the total budget, will focus on roads improvement, energy supply, water infrastructure, upgrading of health facilities, school infrastructure, markets and warehousing, devolved funds ,environment conservation and land based resource management.

About 40 percent of the development budget will be funded through project loans and grants not tied to conditions from development partners. This represents about 20 percent of the total budget. With improvement in procurement planning, the absorption capacity of project funds is expected to increase resulting in a higher investment level in infrastructure activities.  Most of the outlays are expected to support critical infrastructure that will crowd in private sector investment as well as critical interventions to remove binding constraints to accelerated growth.

  1. (1)Finance and Economic Planning

The department of Finance and Economic Planning continuous to played a key role in formulation of financial policies and maintaining of sound fiscal and monetary policies that facilitate the socio –economic growth in the county. Since the onset of devolution the department has achieved following milestones.

  • Developed County Integrate Development Plan (CIDP) 2013-2017.
  • Effectively formulated Four County Annual Budgets estimates.
  • Effectively integrated finance management information systems.
  • Automated revenue collection hance raising revenue collection from Ksh. 240 Million in FY 2013/14 to Ksh. 533 Million in FY 2015/16 .
  • Successfully enhanced public participation in development planning process.
  • Successfully initiated and implemented household economic empowerment programme as follows.

-Capacity building of benefiting groups on various components in HEEP.

-Supported 30 community based groups with 30 incubators .Each with a capacity of 528 eggs.

-Issued 200 high quality breeding stock of rabbits.

-Distributed 75 high quality dairy bucks.

-Established nurseries across the county in the process of establishing kitchen gardens.

  • Entrenched best practices in County Procurement processes. Laikipia County was voted the best procuring entity.
  • Invested in more than ksh.150 million in Ward Development Fund where many Projects have so far been initiated.
  • Established Laikipia County Development Authority whosecore mandate is resource mobilisation and county development. The authority has so far mobilised over Ksh 9 million and Ksh.1billion donor funding is expected.
  • Effectively facilitated the public to have equal access to county government contracts and business opportunities
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