Department of water,Environment and Natural Resources Management.




A lead county in water services provision and waste water treatment



To provide clean and safe water in adequate quantities and sanitation services

Context and Strategy for Budget Intervention



Out of the total of 103,114 households in Laikipia County (2009 Census), there were only 30,562 (30%) households with access to piped water and 67,320 (65%) households with access to potable water.The urban centres have inadequate supply of water under the management of Water Services and Sanitation Companies in Nanyuki, Rumuruti, Wiyumiririe and Nyahururu. There are 10 irrigation schemes in the southern and western parts established through government and donor support. The distribution of water sources is uneven across the county with the northern parts experiencing serious water shortages.In this period, focus will be on rural water schemes through pipe laying, springs development, rehabilitation of dams and boreholes. In the previous period budget, there was no adequate allocation to finance water projects. Lengthy procurement processes delayed the implementation of the approved projects. The subsector will continue to seek a larger share of the budgetary allocations for the future periods to ensure access to clean water for all.



There are 78,930 households (77%) with access to basic sanitation (latrines). However, most of these facilities are of poor quality and only about 12% of households have access to water-borne sanitation and improved (VIP) latrines. They still exists sad situations where some households use buckets or the open bushes. This state of affairs compromises sanitation and hygiene and leads to proliferation of water borne diseases.In this period, focus will be on construction of ablution blocks in selected urban areas.In the previous period budget, there was no adequate allocation to finance sanitation projects. The subsector will continue to seek a larger share of the budgetary allocations for the future periods to ensure access to sanitation for all.


Annual Progress Report for Financial Year 2014-2015

  1. Tigithi water project- Trenching of 10 kms pipeline, fittings procured, Laying and joining of pipes done. Backfilling of the trenches on going at a cost Kshs. 767,000. Pipes worth Kshs. 55 million were purchased and delivered by Northern Water Services Board (NWSB).
  2. In partnership with NDMA the sector was able to rehabilitate boreholes, hand pumps within Laikipia North (Orjiojo borehole, Kurikuri Borehole(Mukogodo Location), Murupusi W/s windmill-Mumunyot Location, Olkinyei borehole( Mukerian Location), Loborsoit borehole, Naiperere borehole, Lpolei and Twala boreholes).
  3. Rehabilitation of boreholes- Olmoran, Salama, Mithuri, OrljijoNaiperere, Chuma, Ethi, Wangwaci, Doldol.
  4. Acquired new water Bowser Truck for Laikipia North Sub-County through support from NWSB/AfDB.
  5. Water trucking to institutions and community settlements majorly in Laikipia North and East sub-counties.
  6. Purchase of plastic water tanks for women groups in Lorien & Rumuruti women group (Rumuruti), Muhotetu women group (Marmanet), Muruangai(Umande), Matanya (Tigithi), community settlements tanks(Mukogodo west), Olmoran borehole(Olmoran)and Dibatas/Naibor (Segera) for rain water harvesting. \
  7. Purchase of plastic water for schools and institutions( Kiandege secondary(Lgwamiti), Karava secondary $ Bretheren secondary
  1. Nturukuma gravity system rehabilitation
  2. Magadi/ survey water project
  3. Chui, IDP, Lmotiok, Thome, Lusiwa, Akorino and Wamura dams rehabilitation

Suguroi primary school and health Centre water pipeline installation and provision of storage


In summary water and environment department has achieved the following:

  • In partnership with Northern Water Service Board the county government has acquired one water bowser truck for Laikipia North Sub County.
  • Purchased and distributed over 500 water tanks to women groups and institutions in the county.
  • In partnership with Northern Water Service board implementation of Ksh 55 million Tigithi water project.
  • Constructed ground level water tank and laid 8.5 km water piping within Rumuruti town.
  • Rehabilitated 11 boreholes within Laikipia North and West sub counties.
  • Rehabilitated and modernised Doldol town water system
  • Rehabilitated and dug dams for livestock and domestic use ie Kenyatta dam , Wamura dam, Wiyumiririe IDP camp dam, Gatirima dam, Magadi dam, Ndururu dam,Tetu dam, Kimugundura and Lusiwa dam and Tura dam
  • Purchased and laid water pipes for Murichu Primary School, Limunga Day Secondary School, Tandare Water Project, Mutaro, Suguroi Primary School, IDP Dispensary Water Project, Tigithi Water project, Gakeu Water Project, Kigumo Water Project, Machunguru Water project and Nturukuma water project.
  • Planted over 100,000 tree seedlings in forests and public institutions.
  • In the process of installing 184 Km of electric fence to mitigate human wildlife conflict in Laikipia west sub county.
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