Governor Joshua Irungu hosts the EACC team in Nanyuki to preside over the handing over of a grabbed parcel of Land 3 acres in Nyarigino.

The land is among the 7 acres that were grabbed by a known people in Nanyuki. The remaining 4 acres and its title deeds will be handed to the public once the ruling has been done in the court of law.

"We don't care who the land grabber are and their titles, everybody will face the law and that is final. These people still defending the remaining part in court you better surrender it because you cant defeat the government over a grabbed land in court" said Governor Joshua Irungu

Speaking in the function at Nyarigino centre, EACC Vice-chairperson Sophia Lepuchirit has said no matter how long it will take public land will be recovered and handed back to the people.

EACC chair, enforcement committee of the commission, Mwaniki Gachoka has congratulated HE Joshua Irungu for being in the fore- front to recovering grabbed public lands.

The grabbed land was meant for a school according to the government's map.

Among other properties eyed by EACC is Mutara, AFC land in Nanyuki, St Moses primary school field and a livestock yard in Nanyuki among others.

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