Over 800 women in Muhotetu, Marmanet Ward, benefitted with water tanks issued out by the Governor of Laikipia County H. E. Hon. Joshua Irungu at the Muhotetu Catholic Parish yesterday. This together with other water projects such as drip irrigation, borehole drilling and pumps installation spearheaded by the County Governor are meant to counteract the effects of inadequate rainfall received annually in the county.

Initially, the women approached the governor with an original proposal of 1.8 million shillings for the water tank project. He promised that the tanks would be provided and apart from the 1.8 million on the proposal, the county government invested 9.15 million shillings for the project. 10,000 women in Laikipia County will each receive a water tank before 15th of February this year. In his 2017/18 budget, the Governor of Laikipia County plans on allocating up to a total of 15,000 tanks to women all over the county. These include Kabage, Gatundia, Rumuruti Township, Maili Saba, Ndururumo and other areas in Laikipia.

Other water projects include;11 million shillings Naituria water project which includes the installation of water pipes and borehole and boost pumps, 3 million shillings borehole development in Ngumo secondary school and 8 million borehole development and pump installation in Tetu and Kabage for better distribution of water in the area. Gatame water tank has been constructed and Shemu tank is still in the works. Karaba and Kabage areas are set to receive their water tanks at a later date from the County Governor.

The governor announced that there will be a free screening of both cervical and breast cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure for all Laikipia County women on the 14th and 15th of February this year at Muhotetu Catholic Parish in Marmanet.

Another project of cooking stoves which require less firewood and without smoke is underway. Over 50 million shillings in project investment in terms of schools, roads and other different projects has gone into the Muhotetu Location in Laikipia County.

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