Jubilee Party launched its manifesto today. The County Government of Laikipia, also a Jubilee Government, stands to benefit from the following health programmes.

(i) All graduates of Health programmes in Universities and Colleges will now be enrolled by the National Government on an internship programme of up to 12 months. Previously, only Medical Officers, Pharmacists, Dentists, Graduate Nurses, Clinical Officers in degree programmes had paid internships. All the other 17 Health cadres will now be included in this benefit package.

(ii) All citizens above 70 years will now have a comprehensive health insurance cover through the NHIF. The Health Department has projected that about 30,610 Laikipians will be above 60 in 2017. We believe that those above 70 years old will be at least 10,000. This is a large portfolio of universal healthcare coverage for us. The individual benefit package has also been significantly broadened for the benefit of all, including these senior citizens.

(iii) Now Free Maternity Care in all public healthcare facilities will be expanded. The program has been dubbed 'Linda Mama'. Every expectant mother will be enrolled for an NHIF cover for a period of one year. The department projects that in 2017, there are 126,660 women of child bearing age (15-49 years) in Laikipia. At each given year about 20% of these women (or 20,266 in 2017) will be pregant. There were 11,899 live births recorded in Laikipia public health facilities last year. This was only about 50% of total deliveries expected in Laikipia. We attribute the rest of the births to either private health facilities or home deliveries. This programme will not only reach to more mothers (and their families) in the County, but it will also assist the County achieve health targets as relates to mortalities that have been elusive for a long time.

(iv) Ten (10) new referral hospitals will be established. We believe that Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital will be one of them. The government has already gone step ahead to make this a reality. A 5 billion shilling plus Level 6 hospital has already been done detailed designs. During the presidential tour late last year, the National Ministry of Health confirmed that they have put a significant budget towards starting off the referral hospital.

(v) There will be a significant increase of the number of Health Facilities at the Community level so that every citizen is within one hour walking distance or 5km from a primary healthcare facility. County Government has already assisted the party achieve this goal with 46 new Health Facilities established in Laikipia since 2013. There were only 50 Health Facilities before 2013, now we have 96. We will continue with this access programme to realise this target.

(vi) The Managed Equipment Service will be boosted with a internet based communication network that will enable medical personnel to seek expert guidance and support from specialists across the country and abroad. This will be more value added to the already value added medical equipment service.

This manifesto complements the Governor's manifesto for enhanced benefit to Laikipians. About 46,000 of the 100,000 Laikipia households live below the poverty line. The County Government will provide health insurance cover under the NHIF to these poorest of the poor. A significant number of Laikipians will fall under those eligible groups spelt out in the Jubilee Manifesto 2017. The potential 20,000 mothers will come from 20,000 households. The 10,000 plus senior citizens above 70 years will add the numbers to about 30,000. That will leave the County Government to take care of about 20,000-30,000 households. The NHIF Supa Cover costs KSh 6,000 per household per year. The County Government share will now be reduced from 180 million down from 360 million by this critical national government intervention. The total amount of money required to provide all 100,000 Laikipian families health insurance cover at the current premium is KSh. 600 million per year.

We congratulate His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta on this important day of Jubilee Manifesto 2017 launch.

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