Public Service & County Administration

  1. Developed a five - year Strategic Plan which is a roadmap to guide in service delivery. The plan is ready and its implementation is on course.
  2. Developed 11 bills which have been accented into law to guide the operations of the county government.
  3. Rolled out a performance manage- ment system where the Governor signed performance contracts with all
  4. the eight County Executive Committee Members who are soon signing with their respective Chief Officers. The latter will then cascade the process downwards and all this is in the spirit of improving service delivery.
  5. The department has been working closely with the national government on issues pertaining to security in the county. The County Government has con- tinued to support the security agencies with about 700 litres of fuel during their operations and will continue doing so, for the sake our security within our borders.
  6. In addition, we have purchased two acres of land to put up an administration police post at Umande and purchased four security dogs that are now trained and ready to be handed over to the security agencies.
  7. To support these efforts, we had a field day with the members of the security committee of the Senate and discussed much on the security situation in the county, particularly along our porous borders with Baringo and Samburu counties.
  8. To address the issue of hunger among our people, the department has distributed 1,560 (90 kgs) bags of maize. This relief assisted 15,206 vulner- able households across the county in the months of December and January. The distribution was supported with over 1,300 litres of fuel.
  9. To identify our human resource needs, the department in collaboration with Karatina University has conducted training needs assessment on the county’s workforce. The exercise has since been concluded and the report will be a critical reference point in planning for human resource development.
  10. To motivate and bring our mem- bers of staff together, we organized an end of year staff-get-together. This was in appreciation of their dedicated efforts towards service delivery to the people we all serve. We have put in place plans to motivate all our staff as a way of enhanc- ing productivity.
  11. The department has also continued to co- ordinate service delivery at the decentralized units. This has been achieved through a dedicated team of the sub-county administrators and the ward administrators. The improved access to services at the unit remains a strong reference point for the need and benefits of devolution.
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